DVC History

Diablo Valley College officially began in 1949 in some of the most unlikely sites: high schools, banks, churches, and even an old army camp. Initially called East Contra Costa Junior College, DVC moved to our present site in 1952 and the ten steel buildings were acquired from the government for $45 each. The cornerstone for the first permanent building was laid in 1952 and the name Diablo Valley College (DVC) was adopted in 1958.
For over 65 years, Diablo Valley College has provided quality education to the community it serves. Over 1.5 million students later, enrolling at DVC is one of the best ways you can ensure acceptance at a four-year college. Today, there are approximately 22,000 students of all ages enrolled at our Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campuses, which collectively offer more than 1,800 educational courses and over 200 AA/AS degree/ certificate programs.
DVC is not only recognized as one of California's best community colleges, but it is also one of the leading community colleges in the state for transfers to four-year institutions. Research figures released by UCLA's Center for the Study of Community Colleges show that DVC's transfer rate to four-year universities is 67% higher than the national average. Another report, released by the California Post-secondary Educational Commission, shows that DVC ranked #1 in transfers in the state, ahead of all other California community colleges. 
These facts enhance DVC’s position as the community college of choice for many local private and high school students.

The Diablo Valley College (DVC) Foundations’ mission is to develop relationships and resources for the college that ensure institutional excellence leading to a quality educational experience for our students.

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