Scholarships for Left Handed People

Does the DVC Foundation offer scholarships for left handed people? Not yet. But we do accept annual, tax-deductible donations of any amount for all types of scholarships to help pay for eligible students’ tuition, books, housing, transportation and other expenses.
Right now, other community and four-year colleges are already offering left handed scholarships for their left handed students who are as unique and as diverse as our DVC student population of approximately 22,000 students. We support the DVC Foundation with a wide variety of awards for funding, money, grants and scholarship opportunities after you submit an application.
The average DVC students spends about $1,200 per year at DVC. While a quality education here is quite affordable, few students bound for four-year colleges have the financial resources to readily pay for their education after high school. In fact, with four-year colleges now costing an overage of $32,405 ( and with 70% of students who graduated from public or nonprofit colleges in 2014 incurring an average of $28,950 per borrower in student debt (, it’s more important than ever for students to have access to scholarships.

We welcome donors to contact us about left handed scholarships and other possible DVC Foundation scholarships. Your donation of any amount and for any length of time can make a huge different in a student’s life.

You can make a private donation or you can be a corporate donor, including legacy donors, capital investments, naming a scholarship, naming a building, lump sum donations, grants, and scholarships of all kinds.

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Financial Aid for College

For eligible students at the DVC Foundation who may qualify for financial aid for college, your state, residence, heritage, major, and other characteristics can all help you qualify for unique scholarship opportunities.
Some colleges even entice high school students to apply for financial aid for college with an application for equally unusual scholarships. These could include:

  • Grants and scholarships for Moms
  • A scholarship for natural red heads
  • Writing contests
  • Baking contests
  • Scholarships for women 5’10” and taller and for men 6’2” or taller
  • Vegetarians
  • Mystery writing
  • Wanting to work in funeral services
  • Becoming a clown
  • Cosmetology school
  • An advertising career
  • Studying fungi
  • Duck calling
  • If you’re a twin or a triplet
  • And many more