Why Support DVC?

It’s been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The journey for each of our students can begin with a single donation to the Diablo Valley College Foundation.

Supporting Local Education Creates a Domino Effect

When you make a donation to DVC, you are investing in local education; an investment that can pay dividends in the future. By providing our community an affordable college education, we can help our students realize their value, which in return would benefit our community. Educated students frequently excel at their jobs, achieve more success, and eventually lead to their own contributions to the DVC Foundation. This is a model we stand behind.

We embrace your generosity for any amount and duration. Anyone is open to contribute a personal tax-deductible gift; whether you’re a current or former student, alumnus, parent, community advocate, philanthropist, or faculty member.
In addition, the DVC Foundation welcomes Corporate Donors, Legacy Donors, Capital Investments, Naming Opportunities, Grants, and Scholarships of all kinds.
Your funds can be bestowed to a selected individual, a group of students, or a variety of areas that are becoming more popular across the U.S., such as  Scholarships for Left-Handed People or Grants and Scholarships for Moms.
The DVC Foundation's sole purpose is to support DVC students and their education. We know donors have a lot of choices. We believe a donation to our students is the best return on your investment that you can make on so many levels.
Patricia Reeves, DVC Foundation Board President

We invite you to become our partner in educational excellence through Giving. Your contribution makes it possible for the DVC Foundation to undertake our greatest challenges across a diverse student body. Make an impact today.

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