Grants and Scholarships for Moms ­­­And Women

If anyone should be able to earn some of DVC Foundation’s grants and scholarships for Moms, it’s your Mother. After all, she raised you, bathed you, cooked for you, cleaned up after you, gave you TLC, and told you to get a college education starting with your undergraduate degree at Diablo Valley College.


Give Back To Support Your Mom and Others.

Naturally, we all want to––and should––give back to our Moms. With a donation to the DVC Foundation, you can give back to many women like your Mom to support their education goals.
You can also support another group of students who need help in learning new skills to improve their lives. Among DVC’s approximately 22,000 annual students, we have seen a growing number of financial need requests for all types of scholarships and grants. Your donations to the DVC Foundation may possibly be bequeathed for college grants for moms, college grants for single mothers as well as college grants for women of all ages, whether they have children or not.

Make your Mom proud! Make a donation for education to help Moms and other possible DVC Foundation scholarships. Help change their lives, improve their futures, and fulfill their dreams.

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Why Donate to The DVC Foundation?

Everyone wants to fulfill a dream. Maybe a single Mom wants to some day earn her undergraduate degree and get a better paying job. Maybe a grant of a few thousand dollars would really help somebody’s Mom open a restaurant like your ancestors did when they first came to America. Or maybe someone just needs a scholarship to pay for community college, like the Grants and Scholarships for Moms that other colleges are now offering.
There are a variety of eligibility requirements for various DVC Foundation scholarships that may cover the costs of DVC students’ college tuition, books and other expenses. There may also be a grant available to repay their student loans. The application process for DVC scholarships is as quick and easy as donating for one.