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Our Efforts & Impact over last 10 years till 2021

DVCF strives to multiply the impact of every rupee spent to benefit
the entire community in perpetuity.

Performed 43,967 surgeries

Organised 985 eye camps

Examined 3,60,719 patients

Dispensed 49,209 Spectacles

Provided 31,363 free cataract surgeries


Chance To See

100% of your donation amount goes for sight restoration surgeries.

Box of Sight

Sponsor our Eye Campaign and help unprivileged areas to get Eye care.

Buy A Frame

Your little help will give next generation a chance to succeed.

Education For Future

Support a Girl Child to become a Qualified Optometrist.

Pledge On Birthday

This year free someone from burden of blindness on your birthday.
Become a volunteer

Let's start doing your bit for the world. Join us as a Volunteer