Which is the best IOL (Lens) for Cataract Surgery - Indian or Imported?

When you are affected by cataracts or motiyabind in your eyes, the only option is to undergo a surgery.

During the cataract surgery the natural lens of the eye which has developed cataract is replaced by an artificial lens called intraocular lens or IOL.

IOLs comes in various types and are either made in India or are imported.

One of the common questions patients usually ask is “Which IOL is the best – Indian or Imported?

To answer this let’s understand the evolution of IOLs in India.

Before the late 90’s all IOLs in India had to be imported because IOL was not manufactured in India. However, since the late 90’s, India started manufacturing low cost IOLs at a fraction of the cost to foreign or imported IOLs.

Over the next two decades great technological advancement have been made in the design and manufacturing of the IOLs across the world including India.

The advancement of IOLs in India are at par with imported IOLs.