What are the best lens options for cataract surgery in 2022?

Intraocular lenses or IOLs are artificial devices that are implanted in your eye during a cataract or motiyabind surgery, that replaces the cloudy natural lens in the eye to restore your sight.

While there are several types of IOLs that the patient might be suggested for cataract surgery, in this article we will discuss the most advanced form of IOL that has been made recently available.

Our natural eye lens can accommodate to provide vision for seeing near, intermediate, and far off just by changing our focus.

Such is the amazing nature and flexibility of the human eye that we tend to see things around us- near, far, or intermediate just by merely changing our focus. The flexible natural lens accommodates itself to allow light to pass through it and form an image on the retina much like how a camera would create a picture on the film.

As we age, the natural lens of our eye becomes hard, cloudy and starts blurring our vision. This is the advent of cataract in the eyes. Over a period, the cataracts lead to vision loss.

Cataract operation is performed to remove the clouded lens and replace the same with an artificial lens called IOL.

Most used IOLs in cataract surgery are Monofocal IOLs. These Monofocal lenses usually are single distance lens meaning that with Monofocal IOL you would be able to see up close or far away and not both.

After the cataract surgery using Monofocal lenses, you would need reading glasses or even bifocals depending on your pre-existing refractive error.

Acrysof IQ© and Acrysof SP© from Alcon Laboratories Inc. are some of the most advanced Monofocal lenses available at dvc foundation Eye Hospital.

The other option is premium Multifocal IOLs which would allow you to see far and distance closely mimicking the natural vision of the eye.

Tecnis Symphony© from Zeiss, Restore© from Alcon Laboratories Inc. and iDiff© manufactured by Care group are some of the most commonly used Multifocal IOLs at dvc foundation Eye Hospital.

A new Option introduced recently in the IOL category is called Trifocal IOLs which allows all three ranges of vision like the natural eye instead of one or two range of vision like Monofocal and Multifocal respectively. Trifocal lenses are the most advanced and modern IOLs that are available today and they improve the three ranges of vision like:

  • Distance or Far vision- like looking at distant objects clearly
  • Intermediate distance- like working on a computer, shaving etc.
  • Near Vison- like reading, writing, sewing etc.

At the same time, the lenses offer better distance vision compared to Monofocal lenses, reducing the need for eyeglasses.

If you are a young patient who is till working and would need clear vision at all three distances or if you are older but need to lead an independent and active lifestyle you might benefit from a Trifocal IOL.

Panoptix© from Alcon Laboratories Inc. are the newest generation Trifocal available at dvc foundationEye Hospital.

Consult and discuss with our doctor or eye specialist and counselor to determine if the PanOptix Trifocal Lens is right for you.

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